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Welcome to Annex Investments, the Trailblazer of Family Office and Venture Capital in the MENA Region

Occupying the forefront of the family office and venture capital landscape, Annex Investments emerges as a beacon of growth and innovation, led by visionary second Next Gen family office founder Ahmed Nasser Al Nowais from Abu Dhabi, UAE. We acknowledge and take pride in our second-generation members who have surpassed the traditional idea of the family office, by carving their own flourishing ventures and creating a unique legacy within our Annex Investments fraternity.

Annex Investments

Learn more about Annex Investments and it's work empowering startups in the MENA Region, Innovating in tech and traditional business, as well as providing a gateway to the MENA region

Venture Capital

Annex Investments is a MENA-focused venture investor specializing in early-stage tech startups, from Seed to Series A, across diverse sectors.


We provide expert guidance and hands-on support to drive internal success, serving as a valuable in-house venture builder for our traditional businesses.


Annex Investments strategically harnesses its well-established regional relationships to cultivate meaningful partnerships and create substantial value, facilitating access and opportunities.

As Founder & CEO of Annex Investments, I want to take a moment to underscore the vital role played by Next Gen family offices and the private sector in any economy.

Next Gen family offices bring fresh perspectives, innovation, and a drive for growth that fuels economic prosperity. They propel their family businesses to new heights, creating jobs, and contributing significally to economic development.

Similarly, the private sector act as an engine for growth, job creation, and wealth generation. Through compitition and innovation, private companies drive economic diversification and attract crucial foreign investment.

At Annex Investments, we recognize the immense potential of Next Gen family offices and the private sector. We are dedicated to supporting and empowering these entities, as they play a pivotal role in driving economic growth and securing a prosperous future for all.

Ahmed Nasser Al Nowais

Founder & CEO

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