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Redefining Single
Family Offices

Annex Investments

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Leading the Hybrid Venture Single Family Office Model in MENA.

Annex Investments redefines the single family office. Our hybrid model blends venture capital's agility with the stability of a traditional family office. Led by visionary Ahmed Nasser Al Nowais, we embody a spirit of wealth creation and preservation through innovation, independence, and a forward-thinking mindset – setting us apart in MENA's economic landscape.

Mission & Vision

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We fuel the growth of transformative MENA startups through funding, strategic guidance, and access to our powerful network.


To be the catalyst for a thriving MENA startup ecosystem, where innovation drives economic prosperity and global impact

Why Choose Our Hybrid Venture SFO?

Our hybrid venture SFO model addresses the multifaceted needs of investors and entrepreneurs. It combines the dynamism of venture capital with the comprehensive, long-term vision of a single family office – fostering adaptability and stability for legacy wealth.

Our Hybrid Approach

Our unique model delivers a comprehensive investment and entrepreneurial support framework, centered on four key pillars:

Direct Startup Investments
Targeting high-potential early-stage tech MENA startups (Pre-seed to Series A) across all diverse industries.
Personalized Wealth Management
Emphasizing sustainable growth strategies and long-term legacy planning.
Entrepreneurial Support
Offering mentorship, strategic counsel, and operational resources to nurture business success.
Strategic Partnerships
Fostering mutually beneficial alliances to enhance our portfolio and the broader MENA ecosystem.

Our Innovation Pillars

Hybrid Venture Investments

Explore our investment approach focused on high-potential startups. Our hybrid model fuels both disruptive tech solutions and traditional businesses with capital and resources.

Venture Builder Advantage

Our framework serves as an effective in-house venture builder to support it's traditional businesses. We don't just invest, but partake actively in our own startup journey - providing the necessary expert counsel, hands-on support, in order to navigate challenges and achieve success internally.

Strategic Alliances

Collaboration is key at Annex Investments. Our strategic alliances across MENA and globally create substantial value, driving growth for our partners and portfolio companies.




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PO Box 984, 10th St - Al Zahiyah - E16 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

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