Annex Investments is a leading Holding Company head quartered in Abu Dhabi and established in 2017 by Ahmed Nasser Al Nowais.

Annex Investments support the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision to promote the emirate as the center of tourism, culture and commerce. Ahmed's vision is to promote the UAE economy as a leading center to support growth in the local economy including the SME sector and start up companies.

Our core investment strategies incorporate a diverse approach across multiple industry sectors and geographies to achieve growth, maximum returns and value whilst protecting our prestigious clients and shareholders.

We are currently expanding rapidly into multiple industries and have an active footprint in the following:

Automotive Sector

Annex Investments has interests in vehicle leasing to multinational corporates and large institutions including chauffer services. Our key ethos is to provide high quality customer service, safety, quality, reliability & transparency which are our key benchmarks.

Health & Fitness Sector

Annex Investments currently operates a leading chain of high-end fitness service providers under the "Level Up" brand and operates in major leading luxury hotels and spas across the Emirates. Level Up prides itself in the knowledge and professionalism of their trainers and is committed to the helping their clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Commercial Agencies Sector

Annex Investments successfully operates a number of leading agencies including in the Tourism Sector and International Businesses across Europe. In additon the division also has wide range products, including household, beauty and food and beverage which we export and import globally.

Technology Sector

Annex Investments is an active investor in start up companies which promotes our interests as a private equity investor and seeking the new generation of businesses which will dominate the future.

Our Mission

  • To help drive business growth, supporting the social and economic development of the local economy & private sector of UAE.
  • To forge enduring strategic partnerships and pursue business ideas to streamline and transform markets.
  • To provide support and encourage the growth and development of the underserved small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) sector in UAE, which lack the necessary resources for growth and expansion.

Our Vision

To become a leading business investment company not just in UAE but also on a global scale who exceeds expectations in the local and regional standards and practices besides providing comprehensive solutions for asset management, wealth and investment banking to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Founder & CEO’s Message

Annex Investments was built with the underlying purpose of bringing in and supporting new business ideas to the market and investing in start-up companies. As a result will lead to strengthening the UAE economy.

I believe that SME’s are the backbone of every economy in the world and I personally encourage high net-worth individuals and government entities to support the private sector.

With the investment market and economy continuously evolving I am committed to the idea that technology and service, when delivered correctly are the key components to success regardless of the industry.

My team and I are committed to the success of our clients and shareholders and focused on achieving leadership in all areas of our business. It is my promise to ensure that all of our investors, shareholders and employees gain from our continued growth.

Ahmed Nasser Al Nowais
Founder & CEO
Annex Investments