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Empowering Startups in MENA Region:

Annex Investments is dedicated to the advancement of the MENA region, offering comprehensive support to drive startup success. Beyond providing capital, we implement strategic investments and offer essential resources along with precise mentorship. Our aim is to redefine the potential of promising startups, transforming innovative concepts into tangible realities.

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Innovating in Tech and
Traditional Business:

At Annex Investments, our unwavering dedication lies in cultivating innovation across both technological and traditional business domains. Our endeavors stand as a testament to this fervor for entrepreneurship, harmonizing cutting-edge technologies with established strategic frameworks to create value and ignite substantial growth.

About Annex Investments.

Your Gateway to the MENA Region:

For International companies aspiring to make their mark in the vibrant MENA region, Annex Investments facilitates as your gateway. Equipped with a wide network, deep regional knowledge, and a robust presence in the region, we position ourselves as reliable advisors, providing support, guidance, and valuable insights to successfully steer through the local business landscape.